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The final match report for the Inter club Friendly matches for 2012

One of my duties as Vice-Captain has been to organise the men’s inter club friendly matches for the 2012 golfing season. In the past members were invited to put their name down for the matches they were interested in. Whilst this system did work up to a point, it did at times mean just a few names for some matches and for the more popular fixtures enough to field ten teams!

 Because of this I asked for names of those interested in playing in the friendly matches, but not match specific. For those that put their name down it meant you were asked for your availability for each match throughout the season. This I did by email and from the feedback I have received it seemed to work very well for all concerned. It certainly worked for me and I hope that it also worked for those concerned.

I would now like to thank all those that supported me this season, not just by playing but also by responding to my emails promptly which made my job so much easier.

I thought now would be a good time to produce a summary of the season’s matches and your personal record!

The first match back in April was a home fixture against Yeovil. The result was drawn 2-2 as follows:-

Allan Hutchins and Roger Sandford won 3&1

Chris Roberts and Frank Hayhoe lost 1 down

Robin Joy and Rob Plews lost 4&3

Ian Mac-Farlane Thompson and John Groves won 4&3    

In the next fixture we played hosts to Came Down.  A comprehensive 4-0 victory is misleading as all games were very tight:-

Allan Hutchins and Rob Plews won 2&1

Nigel Thompson and Kevin turner won 2&1

Steve Morris and Dave Marsh won 3&2

Rob Bartlett and Mike Cave won 1 up.

The weather meant the away fixture to Stoneham on the 2nd May was cancelled. This was subsequently rearranged to the 25th August and a strong Stoneham side won fairly comfortably 3 ½  to ½. :-

Allan Hutchins and Lewis Emms lost 5&4

Peter Jones and Chris Dearsley lost 1 down

Fred Wyatt and Frank Hayhoe lost 4&3

Roger Sandford and Rob Plews match halved

On the 12th May we once again played hosts but this time to Royal Winchester. Our second halved match of the season. The results were as follows:-

 Ian Macfarlane-Thompson and Rob Plews lost 1 down

Steve Morris and Nigel Smith won 3 & 2

Roger Sandford and Dave Steward lost 5 & 4

Frank Hayhoe and Mike Cave won 3 & 2

For our next fixture (on the 6th June), demand far exceeded supply. Remedy did however kindly agree to a team of six fourballs rather than the normal four.  Those lucky enough to play had a great day out and took part in a match where the spirit of the game was more important than the result. This was just as well as the match was once again halved!

Allan Hutchins (C) and Scott Johnson  match halved 

Nigel Thompson and Ian Potter lost 2 down 

Rob Plews and Dave Marsh match halved    

Robin Joy and Steve Morris won 2 up           

Mike Cave and John Groves won 1 up           

Lewis Emms and Frank Hayhoe lost 4 & 3

Burnham & Berrow made the journey to Broadstone this year. This was a Sunday game, on the 10th June and saw Broadstone win another very friendly fixture 2 ½ to 1 ½. Runners and riders as follows:-

Allan Hutchins and Dave Marsh match halved         

Ian MacFarlane-Thompson and John Groves won 2 up        

Robin Joy and Chris Dearsley lost 1 down     

Roger Sandford and Steve Morris Won 5/3

As we now enter the hot summer months we were looking forward to an away trip to the fabulous Brokenhurst Manor golf course. Unfortunately the hot summer had been and gone in April and the match was cancelled due to rain. Once again we managed to rearrange the fixture and on the 14th October. I was really looking forward to this match but regretfully I could not make it. Chris Roberts stood in as Captain and it was no surprise the match was halved. The individual results were as follows:-

Chris Roberts & Ian MacFarlane-Thompson – Lost 4&3

Daryl Marshall & Fred Wyatt - Lost 2&1

Tony Briathwaite & Gavin – Won 2&1 

Frank Hayhoe & John Groves – Won4&3  

On the 22nd July we had our one and only three way fixture against Barton on Sea and Hockley. The venue this year was Barton and on a blustery day the match was played on an individual stableford basis with eight players in each team. Hockley ran out winners with a total of 266 points (average 33.25) Broadstone second with 248 pts (average 31pts) and in third the home side with 226 pts (average 28.25 pts). On the day the Hockley score was highly commendable. I won’t publish individual points for fear of embarrassment!  Apart from me the following took part:-

Fred Wyatt, Steve Morris, Paul Clark, Kevin Turner, Rob Plews, Roger Sandford and Daryl Marshall

 Our penultimate match was another home game. This time the visitors were Bramshaw. Apparently the demand to play Broadstone was high and consequently an extremely strong team of all single figure handicaps bar one meant tough games for all. The visitors won by a margin of 2 ½ to 1 ½. The individual results as follows:-  

Allan Hutchins and Tony Briathwaite won 1 up        

Roger Sandford and Bill Kent lost 8 & 7        

Dave Marsh and Andrew Morris lost 3 & 2

Jim Barfoot and Scott Johnson match halved

(Rob Bartlett regretfully retired hurt)           

The final fixture, another home game, was against High Post on the 29th September. Another halved match as follows:-         

Allan Hutchins and Ian Macfarlane-Thompson lost 3 & 2

Chris Roberts and Matthew Rees won 8 & 7 

Rob Bartlett and Rob Plews lost 4 & 3

Roger Sandford and Andrew Morris won 1 up          

In summary and ignoring the three way fixture we won 2, lost 2 and halved five.

Not wishing to single out players in particular I feel I should mention the following players whose records stood out!

Steve Morris played 4 won 4

John Groves played 4 won 4

Mike Cave played 3 won 3

Once again many thanks to all those who took part and for those that didn’t, I thoroughly recommend that next year you put your name down as these are always enjoyable days out.