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Course is fully open for play. Buggies are not permitted due to recent rainfall causing unsafe ground conditions. (updated 23 November at 06:49)

Broadstone Bull Winners for 2014 – The Broadstone Bulls

                                Winning Home Team                                                                                                      Winning Away Team

                       BROADSTONE BULLS  112 pts                                                                                         FARNHAM FOXES  102 pts

                         Graham Wilkin & Helen Potts                                                                                               Colin Smith & Hilary Smith

                        Jimmy Glass & Chris Harrisson                                                                                                Bill Talbot & Val Talbot 

                            Simon Percy & Toby Long                                                                                                  Eddie Briggs & Judith Nicoll


                                            R/up Home Team                                                                                                      R/up Away Team

                              BROADSTONE BATS  104 pts                                                                                    CANFORD CROWS 99 pts (bih)

                         James St Qunintin  & Brendan Bradley                                                                          Steve Rattue & Merry Wilson

                              Dave Godfrey  & Alan Mackie                                                                                       Barry Pavitt & Paul Fowell

                               Kevin Milton & Maggie Bray                                                                                       Jack Goudy & Jamie Shears 



                                             Best Home Pair                                                                                                        Best Away Pair

                                       Broadstone Bloodhounds                                                                                     Ashleywood Antelopes

                              Richard Walker & Jane Groves  38pts                                                                      Steve Sanger & John Hayes  36 pts



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