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Annual General Meeting 9th March 2012

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Yes it has come around again. Since the last AGM in 2011 we have moved to a full membership, a great social scene and a sound financial position with lots of improvement on and off the course.

Even though we have had a really good year and are now reaping the benefits of a new management structure delivering improvements it is crucially important for members to take an active part in the AGM, supporting those who have been nominated for officio posts and also to listen to David Holmes giving a review and update on the Club’s five year business plan.

The Committee has been reduced to 5 members as per the new rules and it is important that within that number we have a cross section of interests and expertise from members suitably qualified and with the time to undertake the role. Being a committee member is no longer an onerous task but it is crucial that those elected represent the interests of the membership as a whole. Their role is strategic, to ensure we have a credible plan going forward, have the necessary financial plans and lend support to the General Manager to deliver these plans.

This year there is one space available through rotation for a committee member (for a period of 3 years), so if you have some expertise, can represent the interests of the whole club and are keen to see the club progress please consider nominating yourself for consideration by the rest of the membership. Committee Nomination forms will be available for download from our website or can be collected from the Club office from Monday 30th of January. Any completed nominations forms must be returned to the office no later than 5pm on the 23rd of February.

Our new rules allow voting by e-mail which was principally to allow members who were unable to attend the AGM the opportunity to participate in voting in an officio or resolution based on previously circulated information. However there is nothing like being there, listening to live debate, having the opportunity to cast your vote or opinion or show your appreciation for those undertaking duties on the members behalf.

So if you can, please come along, your presence would be greatly valued. We should have the new Professional selected by then and hopefully he will be in attendance so that he can be introduced to as many of the members as possible.

Chris Dennis (Chairman)


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