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Course is fully open for play. Buggies are not permitted due to recent rainfall causing unsafe ground conditions. (updated 23 November at 06:49)

AGM Summary and Key Points

 If you missed the AGM held on Friday 9th March 2012 you probably missed out on the best 53 minutes of entertainment so far this year. I can only relate it to being in a pantomime appearing as the horse, I think the Reverend John Taylor was the head and I supported the rear!

On a more serious note business was brisk and lively and here are the key points –

• The Chairman and General Managers reports were received

• The Ladies Captain and Club Captains reports were received

• David Holmes gave a positive update on the finances and Business Plan which will be revisited in July and will come back to the members for consultation by  November

• Dr Joe Beck was elected as President and bought a round for all 97 present, well done Joe!

• The ‘very irreverent’ Reverend John Taylor was elected as Club Captain and Alan Hutchins as his Vice Captain

• Phil Purvis was elected for a further three year term as an Ordinary Committee member

• Dr.& Mrs Nicholson together with Don Gollings received commemorative plates for 50 years membership at the club

Also present at this year’s meeting was Neil Rowlands (Head Professional), he confirmed that Adrian Harris would be his Head Assistant a decision which was warmly applauded by those present. It is quite clear from Neil’s introductory speech that he is going to be a hit, so please support him when he starts in earnest on May 1st.

The draw for the Captain/Professional matches (16 Sunday and 4 midweek) was completed, so if you put your name down check with the office to see if you were successful. It is not a fix, in the last 15 years I have never been drawn out of the bag! I am sure those lucky members who were drawn out last night are in for a fun time!

My thanks to all those that sent apologies and for all those that attended. Judging by last night it may now be moving on to the social calendar so may be a few more will attend next year!

Finally, under our new rules the Committee select a Chairman on a yearly basis and we will be meeting on Wednesday 14th March to debrief the AGM and choose the Chairman. The membership will be notified as soon as is practicable after the meeting.

In the meantime many thanks for all your support this year. We have a good Committee, great General Manager and staff and everything is moving in the right direction. Let’s look forward to a great year with some promised fun from the Club Captain.

Chris Dennis Chairman



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