Broadstone Golf Club


'Thanks so much for your time Adrian, just wanted to drop you a line and let you know that the new Titleist irons went well on Saturday! Shot 73 and have been cut to a 5 handicap! Many thanks to you and Barry for your help and patience!'

Gary Williams- (Now) 5 Handicap, Dudsbury GC.

'Like a lot of frustrated golfers, finding the right equipment isn't easy. In my case, it's the driver. After countless months of borrowing every driver under the sun from the Pro Shop I gave in and booked a custom fitting with Chris. After discounting a couple of options, I wasn't so keen on, we managed to find a winner in the PING G400. Excited after seeing my TrackMan numbers I went and tried my new toy on the golf course, after picking my grip the driver was complete and I haven't looked back since!!'

Andy Gilbert- 5 Handicap, Broadstone GC Member.

'The thing that struck me most today (apart from your excellent knowledge and patience.) is how different the results were with the different types of driver. Getting fitted with the right one makes a much greater difference than I really expected. I am very grateful for your help.'

Alan Clarke - Driver Fitting at Broadstone GC.

'The best thing I did was to book a session with Chris at Broadstone GC to get fitted for my new driver. It's made such a difference to my confidence off the tee. So much so I followed that up with a fitting for new irons and recently a new putter. Result = old handicap 16.6 and new handicap 10.9. Happy days!

Terry Wallington - Driver, Irons and Putter Fittings at Broadstone GC.

'Many Thanks for fixing the Ping club fitting. The new studio was brilliant, very realistic visuals and the data recorded was comprehensive. The dispersion colour coded diagram made selecting the optimum club very clear. Two amazing observations... fitting Monday; new clubs arrived on Wednesday! Now my new 3 wood seems to go past my original driver!'

John Pittard- Metal Wood fitting

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